Strategic Asset Management & Organisational Alignment

Shield Assets prides itself on being a trusted partner in strengthening business performance through effective asset management. We aim to enhance your business performance by optimising the way you manage your asset portfolio. We have a proven track record in aligning corporate objectives with business structure, governance, processes, people, information, and technology to achieve desired results.


Our team possesses the experience, skills, and training necessary to simplify complex asset management challenges and elevate your organisation’s capabilities. We believe in effective collaboration with stakeholders to gain a deep appreciation of your organisation’s strengths, objectives, and challenges, allowing us to identify tailored solutions that suit your specific needs.


Our services encompass all aspects of asset management, with a focus on integration with your existing business processes. Our service is designed to support fact-based, timely, and justified decisions to be made which target your business goals. By choosing Shield Assets, you’re investing in outcomes-based results. We take on your heavy lifting to improve performance through existing resource opportunities while staying within your risk tolerance.

We take pride in not only ensuring that our services adhere to current industry best practices but also being across innovative opportunities that secure your organisation’s sustainable future.

Who is Asset Management for?

Government Departments

Delivering reliable and efficient services through their assets to benefit local government, state or federal department stakeholders

Not for Profit Organisations

Driving value from their assets which is reinvested back to the industry or to interested stakeholders

Shareholder Organisations

Achieving a balance of cost, risk and performance to drive profit driven value from their asset portfolio

Our business process improvement (BPI) is where we work with key stakeholders and team members to find opportunities to increase precision, efficacy, and efficiency and adjust the processes to achieve these improvements.

At Shield Assets, we partner with our clients to achieve their goals by making them our own. Using business intelligence, industry innovation, and benchmarking, we align our client’s objectives with their internal capabilities, targeting collecting the correct data using the proper process to generate actual value.